Going fishing with my friends and having a good time

Nothing beats a fishing expedition where you can have fun with friends and family. While it is particularly hard to convince a spouse that she might partake in such an adventure, I’ve seen that it works for me if we go out with the kids and take some neighbors along. No one says that while you’re out fishing you have to be still all the time, in that there’s nothing stopping you from having a picnic or organizing all sorts of activities for children. In my experience, fishing equipment can be rather cheap especially if you plan to get your kids involved in the game so that they can develop an interest in angling in the future. Sometimes, it might be harder to convince them to join along, but if they can also bring their friends, we can all have a nice get-together and create some unforgettable memories.


While the rods and reels are essential, as well as the lure and line weight you’ll be using, the fact of the matter is that sometimes, focusing on purchasing high-quality protective equipment matters even more. By this, I mean that you ought to bring along some sunscreen and pack up some hats and insect repellents. Of course, all of the equipment depends on the area you’ll be doing your fishing in, so I can’t possibly recommend one rod and reel combo over another. Perhaps you’ll be trying to catch peacock bass in Florida or target redfish in Texas. The most important thing to have in mind is that you’re there to relax and have a good time so that you’re able to get back to working feeling energized and fresh.

What I like the most about my fishing trips with friends and family is that I get to explain to kids about the biology of the fish they might encounter in the area. If you’re a beginner, you might have to take to the internet to do a bit of research so that you find out a lot of interesting tips about the species. Some are fascinating due to their habits, whereas others simply look good because of the color of their scales. Also, if you don’t want to focus on taking the fish home all that much, you might want to explain to your kids all about the catch and release policy.


The ladies can have a talk as to how they’ll prepare the fish when they get back home while nibbling on some sandwiches with the kids. Bringing your dog along is even more entertaining as they can get excited about fish, in general. Also, this way you’ll keep the kids busy by taking care of the pet.

Since some species may put up a fight, you’ll be able to burn some calories, as well. All of this is a far better idea than driving to your local department store or supermarket and buying some unhealthy food. Plus, fish is a rather versatile type of food that you’ll be able to use for all sorts of dishes. Whether you intend to can it or use it in sauces or bake it, the fact of the matter is that it is one of the healthiest foods to have on a regular basis. Depending on the species, it might even be packed with Omega 3 or 6.

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