My favorite lures for catching pike



When the sky shows the stars aligned just right, we get the feeding window for pike opened. At that perfect time, the pike will definitely hit any moving object in the water. It won’t even matter which bait you use. The best fishing lures for pike include the following:

The Heddon Rattlin Spook Fishing Lures produce sounds that imitate fleeing baitfish in a panic. Darting and zigzagging like confused pike prey, the lure features a revolutionary sound chamber where all the attractive noise to a pike is generated. The sound chamber encases 10 tungsten Buzzbaits or BBs. This cutting-edge device comes with a sharp Mustad Triple Grip treble hook that ensures solid hook setting. The BBs amplify and intensify the sound. The special sound chamber enables easy production of smooth and easy walk-the-dog retrieves.


The ultra-tough BOOYAH® Pikee™ Spinnerbait is precisely geared to target muskies and northern pike. Equipped with amazing durability via the super-strong Vibra-FLX .45 wire, this spinnerbait can withstand the punishment of being taken inside a mouth filled with sharp teeth. The lovely 84-strand Silo-Tek skirt provides an amazing level of undulating action as the spinnerbait moves through the water current. The jeweler-grade plated double willow blades work nicely with the Silo-Tek skirt and Vibra-FLX wire to create plenty of enticing clattering movement and vibration that will have the pike biting in no time. This spinnerbait is designed to fight right out of the box thanks to the 12-inch steel leader.

The Blue Fox Vibrax Super Bou comes equipped with free-turning brass gear that also generates sonic rattles and vibration while rubbing against the bell. The thin, high-vibrating blades serve as a signal to entice the pike to bite. The Marabou hackle and Flash Bou fibers work together to move with undulating action to make this bait move realistically. The small sleek design comes with one hook rigging for effortless delivery over shallow cover. The larger profile body of the two-treble hook size mimics midseason mature bait to excite the fish into a feeding frenzy. This spinner operates at 2 to 6 feet deep thanks to the inline blade design. The through-wire boasts stainless steel construction as well as top quality VMC® hooks for lasting use.

The Mepps® Double Blade Aglia® spinners work amazingly well with Penn Battle spinning reel + an Ugly Stick like this one and are designed perfectly for trophy northern pike as well as largemouth and smallmouth bass and early season muskie. Engineered to deliver additional fash via the dual blades, this lure offers increased color intensity in the spinning dual blades even if they are of contrasting or identical hues. A unique sound is generated through the twin blades that also create greater vibration compared to just a single blade. This also ensures more buoyancy for easy fishing over weeds and other challenging water structural elements.



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