The retired musician

Hello, everyone!

My name is Luis Lighton, and I am now a retired musician. For more than fifty years, I was part of a spectacular string quartet, and now, when I’m retired, I cannot help but feel a bit uneasy with all the time that’s left on my hands.


All the years that I’ve spent being part of a team that made music together and cheered public all over this beautiful country have made me love the attention, the admiration and gratitude we were welcomed with. After I retired, the lack of these has definitely affected me in many ways. At times, I would feel useless and depression had begun to grow stronger in my heart. I had to invent new habits to fill the time and the void, and it was one of the most difficult struggles in my life, as I was only getting older. For us, elderly people, making plans is more difficult than anything, I believe.

This gloomy state of mind lasted for about a year, and only became memory once I reconnected with some of my former colleagues, who left the band as well. It seems there are many of us fighting with the pains of retirement and a good way to win is to become united. We started seeing each other more and more and became a sort of goofy cluster of white-haired people running around town, bringing a little smile on the faces of the “busy”.

Our favorite things to do are taking long weekends to go fishing, or gather up in our favorite cafe and play pool ‘till they close. It may not be a very conventional way to spend your old days, but it surely makes us all happier.


I’ve been thinking lately of how fortunate we are to have one another, and how other retired folks continue to have a difficult time being on their own. So I’ve decided to start writing on this blog about what me and my friends are doing to have fun and to help pass our days. I feel that maybe a connection with others is possible even like this, online. Maybe we can talk and share our stories and our favorite hobbies here, so that anyone interested can help themselves to new ideas.

My friends are all happy that I’ve come up with this and are willing to contribute to this blog, and I ask of you the same. Old age is hard to spend all alone, and the younger ones in our families may not always understand what we’re going through. This is why I think we can try and have our own virtual family, to share our concerns and thoughts with.

Of course, I may be a bit of a dreamer, but I’m determined to do this, and I already feel that this is giving me more to think and to do, and this is really the point I’m trying to make. So, as I said before, I welcome you to join in my attempt to help more people that are retired and need guidance and a friendly hand.

All the best,


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